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My Funded Futures Strives for Genuine Improvement: 4 NEW UPDATES in this Futures Prop Firm

MyFundedFutures Strives for Genuine Improvement

MyFundedFutures Strives for Genuine Improvement: My Take on 4 Exciting Updates

Today, I am thrilled to share four new updates from My Funded Futures. In my previous article, I discussed their launch date and highlighted areas where they needed improvement. Since then, they have made significant progress. They acknowledged their shortcomings, took responsibility, and initiated positive changes while maintaining transparent communication with the community. This level of accountability is commendable and demonstrates their commitment to making a positive impact in the Futures Prop Firms space.

I am impressed by their efforts to rebuild their credibility and reputation. It's reassuring to witness a company dedicated to fulfilling its mission and bringing positive change to the industry. Now, let's delve into the updates.

Significant Changes to Micros and Minis

If you wish to verify this information, it's readily available on their Discord server, and you can also follow their Twitter platform for updates. Let's dive into the first update, which was posted on September 22nd.

I did share this on my YouTube community tab, but in case you missed it, here's the essence of the update: They have made a significant change regarding micros versus minis in their system. Previously, it was a one-to-one ratio, meaning one micro was equivalent to one mini. However, they have now adjusted it to 10 micros for every one mini.

For example, if you have a $50,000 account, you can now use up to 5 contracts, which could be either 5 minis or 50 micros. This adjustment is a substantial one from My Funded Futures because many traders prefer working with micros rather than minis. Now, traders have the opportunity to use more contracts and allow their positions to run, which is advantageous for them.

Enhancing the Purchase Journey and Dashboard

The second update focuses on the purchase journey and the internal dashboard.

It's important to note that these three changes I'm about to discuss are currently in progress, starting today at around 4 pm Eastern Center time. The aim is to complete these updates by Sunday night or, at the latest, Monday morning. While these changes and updates are underway, you may encounter difficulties when attempting to purchase an account. If you've been experiencing issues, this could be the reason. Let's delve into the details of these updates:

The first update pertains to the checkout screen – the screen you encounter when you are in the process of purchasing an account. They are working to streamline the entire checkout process, not because of any issues, but to enhance the user experience.

The second change addresses internal tech issues related to the reset accountability, as they recently acknowledged on their Discord. They had to temporarily disable it to resolve the issues, and now they are investing extra time to ensure it functions properly.

The third change, or update, involves the dashboard. They are planning to add more resources and introduce a brand new page where you can manage your linked cards, which essentially means managing your payment methods.

This update is a significant step, indicating their commitment to open communication with the community. They not only acknowledge potential issues you might face while purchasing an account but also inform you about the updates they are implementing. It's important to note that these improvements are driven by their desire for a more reliable system, ultimately aiming to enhance the experience for all users.

Anticipating the Tradovate Launch

The third exciting update concerns Tradovate. This update holds special significance for me as I'm a dedicated Tradovate TradingView user.

My Funded Futures has officially announced that the launch date for Tradovate accounts is scheduled for Thursday, October 5th. It's worth noting that their announcement on Twitter was made on September 5th, which means we've eagerly awaited this for a full month. The anticipation for this launch is palpable.

Some of you may have been curious whether I'm currently trading with My Funded Futures or planning to do so in the future. To be completely transparent, I don't have an account with them at the moment. My decision is contingent on my experiences with the Tradovate platform and how the company progresses in addressing any issues. Over the past few months, several companies, not just one or two, have been impacted by ongoing issues with Tradovate. I was among those traders affected, which has left me with a degree of concern. While I still use Tradovate daily, I want to ensure that the next account I acquire from a new company experiences minimal issues.

Apex Trader Funding

It's important to acknowledge that occasional issues and bugs are inevitable in the world of technology. However, when it becomes a pattern of recurring, unresolved issues, it can be frustrating. With that in mind, I aim to secure the best possible platform from My Funded Futures at its optimal version. Joe mentioned that they are undergoing quality assurance (QA) checks to ensure that everything runs smoothly and correctly by the time Thursday arrives. If you're unfamiliar with the QA team, they are responsible for meticulously checking all the boxes, ensuring every detail is in place, and that everything aligns with their policies and procedures before it's made available to the public. This stage is crucial in the process.

Over 50 Traders Successfully Pass Evaluation

The final and most exciting update, not just for myself but for the entire trading community, is that over 50 traders have successfully passed their evaluation. This achievement is truly remarkable, and I want to extend my congratulations to all of you who may be reading this article. Your hard work and dedication have paid off, and you absolutely deserve it.

This development is particularly impressive because the Rhythmic accounts for My Funded Futures only became active on September 27th at 6 pm Eastern Center time, during the nighttime session leading into September 28th. In other words, traders had only one to two trading days to pass the evaluation, and over 50 individuals achieved this remarkable feat.

What's even more fascinating is that for both plans, whether it's the starter or expert plan, there is no consistency rule, proving that you can indeed pass the evaluation in just one day. My Funded Futures has consistently emphasized this point, and the evidence now supports their claim that it's possible to pass in a single day. This experience reinforces the notion that My Funded Futures is dedicated to funding traders and propelling them towards their payouts.

What I'm eagerly anticipating next are the funded trader certificates and the payouts these traders will receive. I'm also looking forward to seeing how traders will transition into the live markets and what that will mean for the company.

That concludes all the updates from My Funded Futures. I hope this article has been helpful and provided valuable insights into these updates for those who may not have been aware of them. By the way, I have 5% Discount Code for My Funded Futures "myforexbuddy", dont forget to use it.

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