Cookie Policy


This Cookie Policy offers you comprehensive insights into the usage of cookies on our websites. It applies to and any other websites that are included in the list of websites maintained by us. These websites link to or are incorporated into this Cookie Policy by reference, collectively referred to as the "Sites."

Understanding Cookies

Cookies are small files consisting of letters and numbers. These files are stored on your web browser when you visit specific websites, provided you consent to their use. Cookies serve the purpose of collecting information about you, including your preferences, the frequency of your website visits, tracking your activities on the website, facilitating the resumption of your sessions, and remembering your registered login details, preferences, and other customizations. While cookies, on their own, do not identify individual people, they may become capable of doing so when combined with other data held by the online provider or a third party.

Types of Cookies

1. Strictly Necessary Cookies – These cookies are indispensable for enabling you to navigate this Site and utilize certain features. Without these strictly necessary cookies, essential functionalities, such as displaying this website, would be unavailable.

2. Statistics (Analytical)/Performance Cookies – These cookies allow us to recognize and tally the number of visitors and monitor their movements on our Site while using it. We also employ third-party cookies to enhance performance. For instance, the Google Analytics cookie provides us with information that helps us identify visitor counts and track their navigation on our website.

3. Functionality Cookies – These cookies are utilized to identify you when you revisit a website. They enable content personalization and the recognition of your preferences, such as your chosen language or region.

4. Targeting Cookies – These cookies record your visits to a website, the specific pages visited, and the links followed. Our advertising partners use this data to make our website and the displayed advertising content more relevant to your interests.

Personalized Experience

Cookies serve the purpose of remembering your preferences and facilitating other customization functions. They also empower us to deliver a personalized experience that aligns with your settings.

Managing Your Cookie Preferences

By using our Site, you consent to receiving all cookies. However, you have the ability to manage your cookie preferences via your browser settings. You can choose to accept or decline cookies or configure your browser to prompt you before accepting cookies from the websites you visit. Additionally, you can delete cookies stored in your browser's cookie folder. To manage your settings, click on any of the browser links below:

Cookie Lifespan

We employ two main types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Here's how they work:

Session Cookies: These cookies have a temporary lifespan and expire at the end of a browser session. They are not stored on your device and are designed to be used for the duration of your active browsing session.

Persistent Cookies: These cookies are stored on your device between browser sessions, allowing them to remember user preferences and actions across a website (or sometimes across different websites). Persistent cookies remain on your computer or mobile device until they reach their expiration date or are manually deleted.

Policy Updates

We encourage you to check our Site regularly for any changes to our Cookie Policy. We will notify you of any updates by revising the "Last updated" date in this Cookie Policy. By continuing to use the Site after the publication date of any revised Cookie Policy, you will be considered subject to and informed of the changes, and your continued use will signify your acceptance of the updated terms.