3 Best Prop Trading Firms For Stocks in 2023
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3 Best Prop Trading Firms For Stocks in 2023

If you want to get into stocks and feel like the proprietary trade route is the one to go down because you prefer the firms to put the money in, then you’re going to want a firm that’s both trustworthy and offers excellent options.  


It’s so important with prop trading that you consider the relationship with your firm a partnership, and like most partnerships, you’re going to want to get a good deal out of it. So with that being said, it’s important to research what each firm has to offer in the stock market.  


Let’s look at the three best prop firms for stocks. 



The first firm is arguably the gold standard when it comes to prop trading stocks, FTMO. You’ll see them pop up on prop trading lists time and time again, and that’s because they twin an almost unrivaled reputation with great offerings.  


They’ve got all trading bases covered with forex, futures, commodities, indices, cryptos, bonds, as well as stocks. Most of their profit share plans are at 80%, but their top end 200K funding plans offer a massive 90%.  


Their onetime fees range, depending on your funding amount, from $270 if you put in 25K, up to $1,217 for the top end amount we mentioned earlier. 


It’s worth mentioning that FTMO is an easiest site to navigate, and their two-⁠step evaluation can be difficult to get through. But it’s worth it if you can overcome both. 


Step 1 FTMO Challenge Step 2 Verification Step 3 FTMO Trader
Trading Period Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
2 Kamal 23 70% Passed
3 Neha 20 90% Passed
4 Priya 30 30% Failed





The funded trader is our next firm, and although it doesn’t have the same kind of reputation as FTMO, it does offer great stock trading options. Now the Funded trader isn’t going to be the best choice when it comes to novice traders as their site is new and they have a bit to learn to simplify their processes.  


But if this isn’t an issue for you, then there are definitely advantages to going with them for stock trading. They have loads of account options and their evaluations are cheap, so are ideal for stocks, but this does come with complexity.  


On the face of it, their funding options appear as clean cut as Ftmo, with a range between 50K and 400K and a similar onetime fee model. But once you throw in phases, targets and minimum trading days, things can get a little more tricky so that you know the phase one target is 35 days and phase two is 60 days.


That being said, it’s worth getting your head around if you’re looking for a variety of options. And although reviews are difficult to find for this new firm, the ones we have found on stock options are positive so far.  




Our last firm we’re spotlighting today is trader2B. This firm is all about the experience, both with the fact that they’ve been around for ten years, but also because they reward traders who have experience in the market.  


If you can show them a good trading history, then you can forego the challenge. Alternatively, if you’re a little more green then you can still get set up for free with no deposit or capital. 


Without you proving your experience they offer three challenges on Toro, Starter, Professional and Advance, with 25k, 100k ,150k funding amounts respectively. All of which have 80% profit share. Other great things about trader2B is their wealth of specific stock resources to help you in your journey as well as a platform that’s geared towards stocks.  


Just be aware that it is hard to find info on them. If reputation is a deal breaker for you, some details are difficult to find on their site. But again, if these things aren’t issues for you and you’re looking for a stock orientated prop trading platform, then trader2B might be for you.  


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