Top 5 Best Prop Firm Challenges in 2023
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Top 5 Best Prop Firm Challenges in 2023

It is 2023 and we’re doing another top 5 best Prop Firms at the moment.


Smart Prop Trader

So here we go with the first one Smart prop trader. And obviously we’ve talked about this one so many times, but you just can’t beat this 10k challenge for $75, profit target is only 7.5% for the first phase and 5% for the second phase. You have plenty of time to achieve it and there’s no minimum trading days, so you can achieve it also within one day if you wanted to. 


They also go all the way up to 200K for $875, a very good price. 100k costs $475, 50K cost 275, and 25K costs $175. It is still the cheapest on the market and the lowest profit targets, which means that you can get funded easier. 



Instant Funding

Let’s move on to the next one. We have Instant Funding, and they have three different types of funding. Instant Funding one phase and two-phase. I won’t go in depth into all of them, but I really like the one phase. Just have to reach 10%. That is the profit target. But you also have a 10% smart drawdown. Just makes it easier if you just have to make that one phase. Anyway, I’ve done this challenge. It is actually very easy to achieve. 


I was actually very surprised at how this smart drawdown works. It’s actually better than I thought. If you want to know more about it, go into the FAQs and look at the smart drawdown to understand what it really means. 


Prices are really good as well, 100k for $479, at very good prices. Now, the two-phase from them are pretty much standard. And the instant funding is something interesting as well where you can scale up the account when you reach profit targets, you can start withdrawing from that account straight away. So check that out as well and we’ll move on to the next one.



My Funded Fx

Next one is My funded FX, and the reason why I have this is because they have a couple unique features like unlimited trading periods. So you can take as long as you want to achieve the target. You have a two step and a one step evaluation. The one step have a little bit less drawdown and it is a trailing drawdown. 


The two-step is pretty much industry standard. It’s 8% profit target and a 5% profit target. And you can start as low as a 5k account for $50, and a 200K account is $950. You have low profit targets and you have no minimum trading days as well. So you can achieve it as fast as you want and you can take literally as long as you want to achieve it as well. So let’s move on to the next one.



Blue Guardian

It’s Blue guardian. And what I really like about this is that they allow all EA’s almost. One of the cool features is Guardian Protector. So when you’re not in front of the screen all the time, you can put a Guardian Protector and say like, okay, I have some trades open. If it reaches 2%, close all trades. So that’s a pretty cool feature. It will protect your money. And I also like their challenges a lot because you have a target of 8% with a drawdown of 10%, so you have more drawdown than the profit target. 


And plus on the second phase, it is the lowest second phase. It’s only 4% for the second phase and you still have that 10% drawdown. Once you get funded, it’s also 10%. They also go all the way up to 200K, that is a $997 challenge. So another really cool one. I do like some of the features that they have and it’s a really nice Prop Firm.



Funder Pro

And last but not least, Funder Pro. They also have an unlimited time to achieve the challenge. 


They start from 25K all the way to 200K. What I really like about them is that you have no time limits, but the scale up plan is really cool. So you can scale up pretty quickly. They’ll add 50% to your balance as long as you achieve 10% in three months once you’re funded.


If you start off with 100K, for example, you can be at 150K in three months if you just make 10% in those three months. And the scale up plan is all the way up to 5 million, which is pretty insane. 


What I like as well about this Prop Firm is that you start trading on a live account immediately. So they have a broker called Osprey, and you’ll be straight away trading with them. And when you’re funded, you’ll be trading on a live account as well. 


This is good because the trading cannot get manipulated. Once it’s on a live broker, their Profit targets are a little bit higher. But that is just to ensure that people do take it serious and that they have real good traders that are funded as well. 



I hope you got new Prop Firms that you might want to try out of this article, and I’ll see you guys in the next article.


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